Monday, August 2, 2010

VMFP: Balenciaga Men Must-Haves!!!

If there is one thing that we must clarify in regards to this blog, it is the fact that we ARE still interested in fashion and luxury every one bit. But since it is Summer, should not we all forget about the work and play more? Yes, the logic of Summer is such that concessions must be made to conserve energy for us bloggers and find an avenue for spiritual release and creative input. That is why, in this one month, our input sure hasn't found its way through to the blog. Therefore, apologies for the neglect that we have placed on this humble little blog! We do hope you, our readers (not that many, from what we can observe from Technorati), understand the importance of a vacation time away from the computer.

Anyway, we digress from our topic of interest now: Balenciaga!!! The brand known for their motorcycle bags which can exude rocker chic, casual yet elegant vibes depending on how you dress up. For example, with the Weekender, a day out with man (or the lady if you are a guy with bold fashion choices) for a picnic or a night out to the movies/theater. And now, instead of catering too much to the female clientale, Balenciaga has finally unleashed its creative juices to produce really interesting and adaptable designs! But of course, with such a selection, we are spoilt for choice! So we started observing the styles in terms of the colour and the materials used, which are mostly great. But what had capture our eyes are two really interesting bags with flattering tones!

The first one, which is the Classique Bridge Bag in leather, has this really interesting blue-ish hue. Looks a lot like the colour from Proenza Schouler's PS1 in Midnight! But more understated if paired with loud tones and grey layering (again, depending on how you layer the different greys), this bag will take the Fashionisto from school to uptown in no time! Versatile and lux!

(Sorry for the lack of an image, we will fix this as soon as possible!)

The second one, which is this shoulder bag in leather and canvas, has a really casual look when paired with khaki pants/shorts and oxfords, ideal for the man who prefers casual styles than the rigidity of office colours and conventions. But then again, who's to judge when it could actually go well with a suit?

We are definitely going for the former when it hit the stores!


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hobo Shoulders

Fashionistos, rejoice! There are definitely a lot of bags going around in the Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection for the stylish men of our era. We are definitely spoilt for choice when we realised that no matter what designers produce, a sea of tote bags that seem more feminine always end up on the shelfs of respectable brands and exclusive departmental stores. Utilitarian might be rigid, but it really does not take a lot of brain juice to see why that remains a popular characteristic that men look for in bags. Therefore, in our mission to find the perfect bag for the men with a bundle of responsibilities, the online luxury store that we look for in search of THE bag has to be

This Autumn/Winter 2010/11 bag by Givenchy seem to fit the bill perfectly! The understated elegance matched with the utilitarian chic sensibilities of its design sure allows the user to go from the workplace to casual days out!

Without being too feminine with the hobo feature in the handle, this bag has indeed surpassed all to be a great addition to your classic bags collection! Excuse the fact that Givenchy came up with ridiculous and unoriginal designs seasons after seasons (no thanks to Richard Tisci), this bag has (partly) given the brand its credibility back!

Maxi Hobo Bag by Givenchy (£669.08)

Available for pre-order!


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Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Booties

For the Ladies, whenever Summer beckons, the wedges comes out and the summer frocks play out a sultry melody to bring out a blazing Sun. But what if the dark clouds starts playing peek-a-boo with the Sun and cools the day down? That's when the high-heeled booties come out to play.
Ever wondered if such shoes should be a staple in a fashionista's Summer wardrobe? Look no further for the answer: these shoes will do.

This pair of Louboutin booties are to die for. Just look at that streamlined tip! Exuding sexiness without being too risque, it's a the perfect accessory for Summer and when it gets a little bit too wet for comfort, comes in handy (just like comfort food).

Christian Louboutin Belle 85 leather ankle boots

Christian Louboutin Belle 85 leather ankle boots
Belle 85 leather ankle boots by Christian Louboutin (£560)

This ankle booties by Stella McCartney is sure to be a hit with the sleek strap at the ankle and the black toe accent to give an added contrast to any dark outfits or rocking jeans.
Stella McCartney Faux-suede ankle boots

Stella McCartney Faux-suede ankle boots
Faux-suede ankle boots by Stella McCartney (£475)

Both booties available at


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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Glammed up Summer

Ladies, this Summer might be a drag with its array of casualwear and summer dresses. But why not increase your wardrobes' variability by including this gorgeous hair band to your accessories collection? The embellishments are a definite ode to the glam-azon who wants to flaunt their "fierce-ness"! Pair it up with a rocking t-shirt/blouse and washed jeans for a casual rocker-chic look! Or just pair it up with your less elaborate summer dresses. 3.1 Philip Lim has absolutely done it again for us!

3.1 Phillip Lim Bead-embellished hairband
Bead-embellished hairband(£125)

3.1 Phillip Lim Bead-embellished hairband
Available at


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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lanvin Trenchie

For the Gentlemen, the time has indeed come for Summer's showers and we think the best bet is to let yourself free of dreadful situations such as getting drenched from head to toe in your stylish gear. Therefore, the first thought when we see this trench coat is the amazing length and detail of its craftsmanship and thoughtfulness. Of course you cannot leave without an umbrella, it is after all an essential accessory to every fashionisto's wardrobe when they are out and about.

Indeed, it is time to introduce this delectable trench coat by Lanvin:

Trench Coat by Lanvin (£399)
Available in

Loving the drape under the cape at the back of the trench coat! By cinching the waist, a chic day out could be in the cards at anytime without ruining your outfit! This gets our stamp of approval!


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Print it Bold!

Though we were never a fan of Gucci in terms of its quality of bags (just look at the bags every season and you'll know what we were talking about here), the fact that their ready-to-wear remain strong in churning out pieces after pieces of statement apparels really impresses us time and again. Just look at this printed shirt! It has everything a fashionisto with a penchant for vintage glam could wish for. The bold prints really captures the 70s well but yet has a modern, uptown look about it. Pair it up with sleek black trousers/jeans and leather jacket for a "Saturday Night Fever" look or just tone it down with an wool coat to surprise your friends!


Printed shirt by Gucci (£128)

Available at


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ladies & gentlemen, we know it has been a long time since our last blog entry. But fret not, this post is meant to introduce you to the delightful Design House known as Alaia!

Alaia has had a long history in the fashion industry as an innovative house. The talents of their designers can be said to be top-notch and whatever they do seem to come off flawlessly as one-off pieces for those adventurous with fashion!

Just look at the snake skin print and the detailed applique added to this shoe. It is definitely a work of art and the intensive craftmanship cannot be ignored and can be discerned even by the least fashion-savvy person! The black strip lined with white crosses evidently added a new dimension to an otherwise overworked shoe. The intricate detail of the smaller white strip also manages to contrast well against the whole look, giving a fresh perspective! This is indeed a signature Alaia heels that needs a home in the wardrobe of a Fashionista!

Python heels by Alaia (£ 365.00)
Available at

In fact, the magic of Alaia can be seen in the most recent footwear collection of this celebrated French Fashion House. Just look at the beauty of this wedge heels! Perfect for summer, but nonetheless available to be worn throughout the whole year, whether you are sipping Pina Colada at the beach or going to a party! The versatility and the intricate laser-cut sandals from the same collection also adds a hint of playfulness! Fashion is indeed never too serious!

Alaïa Leather wedge sandals Alaïa Leather wedge sandals backAlaïa Leather wedge sandals
Leather wedge sandals (£1,110)

Maybe towards the "fierce" side of things but this sandals sure rock the chainmail out of every fashionista's armour!

Alaïa Chain-link leather sandals
Chain-linked leather sandals (£1,555) (

Structural but never too eager to please, these statement pieces sure speaks for itself! For years to come, such is the wearability of Alaia apparels and accessories such that it is comforting to know that there are designers out there who do not snipe on craftsmanship and design to deliver! Just the way these leather belts mould the body into a beautiful statement sure did the perforated laser-cutting some justice! Lovely for day and night!

Alaïa Broderie Anglaise peaked leather belt
Broderie Anglaise peaked leather belt (£785) (

Alaïa Perforated leather waist belt
Perforated leather waist belt (£690) (

This skirt also portrays the design house's ability to deliver the "tres chic" attitude of the French! From the succinctly tailored frame of the skirt to the "invisible" branch-like design on the skirt, there is no reason why this remains a clear winner for the fashion-obsessed. This skirt defines what opulent style is about: unrestrained but clean-cut! Elegance with a touch of loudness indeed!

Skirt by Alaia (£ 572) (


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