Monday, August 2, 2010

VMFP: Balenciaga Men Must-Haves!!!

If there is one thing that we must clarify in regards to this blog, it is the fact that we ARE still interested in fashion and luxury every one bit. But since it is Summer, should not we all forget about the work and play more? Yes, the logic of Summer is such that concessions must be made to conserve energy for us bloggers and find an avenue for spiritual release and creative input. That is why, in this one month, our input sure hasn't found its way through to the blog. Therefore, apologies for the neglect that we have placed on this humble little blog! We do hope you, our readers (not that many, from what we can observe from Technorati), understand the importance of a vacation time away from the computer.

Anyway, we digress from our topic of interest now: Balenciaga!!! The brand known for their motorcycle bags which can exude rocker chic, casual yet elegant vibes depending on how you dress up. For example, with the Weekender, a day out with man (or the lady if you are a guy with bold fashion choices) for a picnic or a night out to the movies/theater. And now, instead of catering too much to the female clientale, Balenciaga has finally unleashed its creative juices to produce really interesting and adaptable designs! But of course, with such a selection, we are spoilt for choice! So we started observing the styles in terms of the colour and the materials used, which are mostly great. But what had capture our eyes are two really interesting bags with flattering tones!

The first one, which is the Classique Bridge Bag in leather, has this really interesting blue-ish hue. Looks a lot like the colour from Proenza Schouler's PS1 in Midnight! But more understated if paired with loud tones and grey layering (again, depending on how you layer the different greys), this bag will take the Fashionisto from school to uptown in no time! Versatile and lux!

(Sorry for the lack of an image, we will fix this as soon as possible!)

The second one, which is this shoulder bag in leather and canvas, has a really casual look when paired with khaki pants/shorts and oxfords, ideal for the man who prefers casual styles than the rigidity of office colours and conventions. But then again, who's to judge when it could actually go well with a suit?

We are definitely going for the former when it hit the stores!


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